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  • Brazalete Raschel (Encaje) - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Brazalete Raschel (Encaje) - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Brazalete Raschel (Encaje) - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Brazalete Raschel (Encaje) - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Brazalete Raschel (Encaje) - Sophie's in Jupiter
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Sophie's in Jupiter

Raschel Bracelet (Lace)

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Caring for Jewelry

Gold plated jewelry


Gold-plated jewelry requires special care so that the plating lasts and does not disappear over time. These tips can help improve the quality and extend the life of your jewelry:

Cleanliness and sports: It is essential to remove jewelry before bathing or playing sports. Sweat and water deeply damage the gold layers with which the jewelry was made.

Storage: Jewelry should be stored individually wrapped in tissue paper, in the box where it was delivered and inside the cloth bag. In this way, oxidation and friction with other parts that could dirty or scratch them are avoided. Rubber containers should never be used for storage as they will cause the jewelry to darken.

Chemical products: It is important to avoid recurring contact with perfumes, creams or chemicals as much as possible.

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Silver jewelry

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On Sophie's in Jupiter orders

Sophie's in Jupiter orders always include a box, tissue paper and a cloth bag to help you keep your pieces in optimal condition.

In orders where the pieces are made of silver, a wipe is additionally included so you can clean the silver.

Description of the Raschel Bracelet (Lace)

Bracelet made using the electroforming technique from thread lace.

Do you want to know more about electroforming?

Copper base, available plated in yellow, pink, silver or rhodium gold. (1 mcr).

Measurements may vary slightly:

  • Width: 3.5 cm

About the Raschel Bracelet (Lace)

A few days ago I had a girl from Casar as a partner. I try to put myself in her place, but time makes you more alien than distance.

I always imagine her at dawn, just woken up, disheveled and in a bad mood, with that harsh character. She immediately gets to work, she dedicates herself to the most expensive lace, to the needle, for people of noble lineage. In her collars, cuffs and draperies the hours escape her and already in the afternoon her fingers and hands are confused with threads of silk and linen.

Save the dates, we are, I like to think, colleagues by profession. The lacemaker is skilled, industrious, an authentic craftswoman. She makes and enhances the most intricate geometries with gold and silver threads.

This is how we spend time together, separated, sharing that, through the hands of a girl, she became a woman.

She's fine in the head, thank God. The rest of her today we envy her, missing that peace, manufactured with determination and tenacity. Built based on attention and care in one thing. A narrow and small but beautiful world.

"Fineness and resistance", that's what I would like our business to be called.