The story of Sophie's in Jupiter

Lately I've been asked about the story behind the founding of Sophie's in Jupiter , so I've decided to tell it directly on our website. I would like to say that I was idle in my country house when it occurred to me to found a jewelry line on astrology and western esoteric currents, but the truth is that it was much less aristocratic.

At 16 I created my first jewelery pieces and began to sell them to my acquaintances and relatives wherever I went, on the school bus, in the urbanization where I spent the summer, at meetings relatives, etc. Thanks to this small business, I was the first of my brothers to have a checking account. A few years later, when I entered university, I stopped designing pieces although I kept my love of handicrafts.

Many years later, during my second motherhood , and after a few years as logistics director for a fashion brand, I decided to take a break and did some jewelry courses and seminars. I realized that I had that passion latent and that I had not forgotten it. I set up a workshop at my parents' house where I spent hours and hours materializing all the ideas that came to mind. Now I did not know how to go down the street without noticing the jewelry that people wore or when I watched cartoon movies with my children, I loved the jewelry that many characters wore. It cost me a lot but finally I decided to create my own jewelry brand taking care of certain basic principles :

  • Enjoy daily work making jewelry that I would like to wear.
  • Be sustainable by working with local suppliers and materials and making durable pieces with a timeless design.
  • Facilitate service for customers through digitization and automation.

The brand name, Sophie's in Jupiter , represents my dreamier side and helps to get an idea that the designs come from an unknown place within me but in outer space. On the other hand, in an astrological sense, Jupiter is associated with the principles of growth, prosperity and good fortune, and more personally with justice, ideals and the highest goals. Total, if you are there dear Jupiter, manifest yourself, because there is work here, boy.

Speaking of astrology, don't forget to tell you that my mother was a witch, and that from her I have learned everything I know about esoteric currents: astrology, palmistry or tarot . Since I was little, I have always known when it was a good time to cut my hair, sign a contract or create a business, looking at my birth chart and the current position of the planets. Yes, okay, it is still fashionable now to cut your hair with the moon cycle but I already did it in the eighties.

Throughout my life natural stones have also accompanied and helped me to highlight some aspects of my personality. Sometimes I have used the stone of my sign or ascendant to enhance its characteristics and in others I have chosen a stone of another sign whose abilities I wanted to improve. The fact is that at some point, during my travels between Jupiter and my workshop, it occurred to me that instead of carrying an amethyst crystal through the streets I could set a stone with properties in my jewelry. All friendly advantages.

But I'm not a person to stay there, and I also said to myself: " Why don't we give the brand an old and exotic air? " So, as I have always considered that in Another life I was Egyptian and Egypt is probably the country that I have visited the most and that has inspired me the most, I have started to create a supermodern jewelry line reflecting what Ancient Egypt suggests to me . In the collection you can see pieces such as the key of life , which was the amulet of many Egyptian gods, the scarab , which was a sacred animal or the stones of lapis lazuli that were used to adorn the thrones of the pharaohs.

Taking into account that I am an agronomist, it was to be expected that I would come up with pieces whose protagonist is nature . My goal is to print the shape and texture of what has been the object of study during my college years. This is the deal and for now I think I'm complying.

Well, in addition to developing these trends, I also make customizations and accept orders for whatever comes to mind , many times it is you who give me new ideas with your proposals , so I can only thank you for your help.

This is the little story of this brand that has emerged from the attraction for the esoteric and crafts. Ultimately, this is me and this is what I do, thanks for reading.