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The fingers of the hand and their meaning

The hand and finger we choose to wear a ring can reveal aspects about our personality or emotional state.

The fingers are channels capable of emitting and absorbing different energies. When we place a ring on a certain finger, we are moving its energy flow and if the ring also has a stone, the effects are enhanced.


The hand on which we choose to wear a ring also tells a lot about us. In general, we have an active hand and a passive hand , so one has a greater capacity to emit and the other to receive.

Ginkgo index and ring ring - Sophie's in Jupiter

The left hand is related to a person's private life, family life and home, while the right hand is associated with social life and work.

The right hand symbolizes power, affirmation and will, while the left hand is that of the heart and emotions.

The fingers

Regarding the fingers, each of them is associated with a planet and reveals astrological data, and they are also related to different aspects of our personality.

Thumb rings

The thumb is associated with the Sun, with Apollo. It is vital energy and personal power.

The thumb is often considered the most important and powerful finger on the hand, as it is what allows us to grasp and hold objects tightly. The thumb is believed to represent will and determination.

Wearing a ring on this finger can be a symbol of confidence and reveals a desire for control. It is also related to our ancestors.

It can help you achieve your main goals and even attract changes in the environment in which you live. It indicates a need to do things our way. Many fashion designers wear thumb rings as they somehow want to influence others on what they should wear.

It is therefore a sign of creativity and courage. In Ancient Rome it was very common for leaders to wear a ring on this finger. We can remember how it was decided whether a gladiator lived or died in the arena, using the thumb to make this decision.

Rings on the index finger

The index is associated with the planet Jupiter. It represents expansion and deployment.

Seahorse ring on the index finger - Sophie's in Jupiter

The index finger is the finger we use to point and aim, which is why it is associated with authority and leadership. In some cultures, it is also considered a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Throughout history, leaders from all over the world have worn rings on this finger with clear symbols related to power.

Wearing a ring on this finger helps you have more self-confidence and be able to make decisions. Jupiter's influence promotes positivism, optimism and makes people able to focus on progress and personal development.

People in need of recognition and who aspire for great goals usually like to wear rings on this finger.

Rings on the middle finger

The middle finger is the finger of Saturn, related to philosophy and thought. It represents patience, intelligence and commitment.

This finger has been used for years as a symbol of rebellion against the system by showing it raised upward.

Double thread ring with Garnet on the middle finger - Sophie's in Jupiter

The person who wears a ring on the middle finger could be showing a way of rebelling against something.

It is also closely related to our objectives and our responsibilities. We can also relate it to balance, since this member is located exactly in the middle of our hand.

Wearing a ring on the middle finger can also symbolize our desire to be stable, whether financially or emotionally.

In palmistry, this finger is also related to the fear of being alone and in some way it is a way of attracting attention to strengthen the feeling of being surrounded by other people.

According to tradition, a ring placed on the middle finger of the right hand symbolizes a need to make certain decisions, while placed on the same finger of the left hand means that the person is capable of differentiating good from evil and making decisions. make decisions on your own without help from others.

Rings on the ring finger

The ring finger is the finger of Venus, creativity, emotional exchange and beauty.

Spiral ring with Larimar on the ring finger - Sophie's in Jupiter

It is on this finger that the engagement or wedding ring is placed on in many Western cultures. Therefore, it is often associated with love and fidelity.

This is mainly because the inhabitants of Ancient Greece believed that in this finger there was a vein that connected directly to the heart , causing the couple to remain united forever.

Wearing a ring on this finger can indicate that the person puts love and kindness above all else, especially when it comes to their family. It reflects a kind personality, family-oriented and defender of love.

If you unconsciously wear a ring on your ring finger, it can sometimes convey that you feel you need support and strength when it comes to your emotions.

On the other hand, it is the finger related to art, creativity and the need for strengthening in these fields.

It also denotes the subconscious strength to be more adventurous and risk-taking.

Rings on the little finger

The little finger is the finger of Mercury, it represents the ability to communicate. The influence of Mercury provides the will and ability to impose oneself and promotes the power to let go.

The pinky is often used to make a gesture of promise or commitment. In some cultures, it is believed to represent communication and the ability to relate to others. Wearing a ring on this finger can also be a way to express loyalty to a group.

The ring placed on this finger is specifically associated with intelligence. Additionally, the pinky is a finger that is at the end, which means it will attract attention.

Rings with family crests or some seals are used on this specific finger. It is also attributed to sensitive people with high negotiation skills.

In palmistry the little finger is related to abundance, wealth and business skills. Some great tycoons and celebrities often wear a ring on this finger.

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