Who we are

Sophie's in Jupiter is a creative project that arises from the meeting of several design trends:

At Sophie's we try to offer chic jewelry, with an air of modernity, based on the vintage style typical of these trends.

Our brand is based on the principles of slow fashion, that is, we make fashion by taking care of the production process and ensuring the quality of the product so that it is long-lasting and sustainable. Sophie's in Jupiter offers a respite from the excesses of the industry, all our jewelry is different, they are made by hand, allowing each member of the value chain to carry out their activity from a responsible point of view. We can ensure this because all our suppliers are local.

At Sophie's, customization is the axis and common thread of the creation of pieces. We like that our clients propose ideas and designs to us to develop them to measure, in fact, many of our creations would not make sense without the personal details of each buyer. Is it possible to make an astrological chart without the date and time of birth of the native?

All of our pieces are plated in 24k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or crafted in 925 sterling silver.

If you want to know more about the story behind this project, we will tell you about it on the personal page of the brand's founder.