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Positive + Negative Triangle Earrings

Positive + Negative Triangle Earrings

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Description of the Positive + Negative Triangle Earrings

Handmade triangular earrings positive/negative with fossil texture.

    In sterling silver or with a brass base plated in yellow or rose gold. The sticks and pressures are in silver and gold-plated silver.

    There are three versions:

    • Large symmetrical: Both large triangles.
    • Small symmetrical: Both small triangles.
    • Asymmetrical: One large and one small triangles.

    Measurements may vary slightly.

    Large triangle:

    • Width: 3.3 cm
    • Height: 4 cm

    Small triangle:

    • Width: 2 cm
    • Height: 2.4 cm

    About Positive + Negative Triangle Earrings 

      One of the adventures I remember from the summers when I was a child was sneaking with my cousins ​​and my uncle to a beach that was closed to traffic because it was where we always found shark teeth and fossilized shells. I was fascinated to think that these fossils could be hundreds of years old.

      The texture we use in the triangle earrings reminds me of that texture that I sometimes saw on rocks and takes me back to my childhood when for a week I thought I was some kind of Indiana Jones 🐚🤠

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