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Sophie's in Jupiter

Handlet The Moon & The Star

Handlet The Moon & The Star

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Description of the Handlet La Lune & L'Etoile Bracelet

Handmade bracelet decorated with a mother-of-pearl star (Etoile) and a howlite moon (Lune).

This piece can be transformed into a pendant.

In sterling silver or with a brass base and plated in yellow or rose gold (1 mcr).

Heartbeat Handlet The Moon & The Star

This handlet is a versatile piece of jewelry, it can be worn either on the hand or on the neck. It is a piece inspired by the Marseille Tarot cards L'Etoile & La Lune.

L'ETOILE - THE STAR - Sign of Aquarius

It represents the beauty, goodness and inspiration of Venus.

In the letter a young woman pours the fluid into a pond that symbolizes the collective subconscious. The girl's nakedness represents her innocence.

This card is a symbol of generosity, in which what has been received is returned and can also be interpreted as the guide that helps you find the way.

ON MONDAY - ON THE MOON - Sign of Pisces

It represents the memory of the world and the return to the roots.

In the card the tears are drawn in reverse, returning towards the moon and the crab, symbol of Cancer, walks backwards seeking to rediscover its roots. Dogs that howl at the moon represent the instinctive part of the human being.

It is the card of imagination, psyche and dreams.

What does this jewel represent?

To find our way and build a future we turn to our roots, to our origin. The Moon guides and inspires us so that the Star gives us back what we have worked for and dreamed of.

In other words

"Return to the origin because the rest is foreign and cling to what is fundamental, hold on and walk without rest, retrace the path to start again, always blindly, pushed by some faith or by some instinct.

So, by vocation and exhausted, in the dark night and groping, with the certainty that dawn will never come, find the brilliance, and realize, because it embraces you and surrounds you, it is in everything you are as a consequence and also, Above all, it is in what you dream, and from what you dream in that which cannot be stolen from you."

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