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Sophie's in Jupiter

Luminescent Flower Bracelet

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Handmade bracelet based on a sunflower flower colored with phosphorescent pigments that glow in the dark.

This bracelet is adjustable to the size of each arm.

In sterling silver or with a brass base and a yellow or rose gold plating (1 mcr).

Measurements may vary slightly.

  • Flower diameter: 1.5 cm

About this piece

Julia had been asking for a jewel since she started talking "Are you going to make me a jewel?", "Yes, when you turn 3 years old".

The expectation was great, so I was thinking of new ideas to do something special for her.

she wanted something colourful, playful and told a magical story to serve as a protective amulet, especially when she was It was night and he was scared.
The result has been this bracelet and the light it emits in the dark seems to have managed to scare away all those annoying monsters nightclubs that were bothering him so much.

Sophie's, now also in close collaboration with the Ghostbusters 👾