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  • Pulsera Carta Astral - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Pulsera Carta Astral - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Pulsera Carta Astral - Sophie's in Jupiter
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Sophie's in Jupiter

Astrological Chart Bracelet

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Handmade personalized bracelet with the birth chart of the desired day.

When we give you your Astrological Chart Bracelet, we accompany it with an image of your chart and a description with the most outstanding features of your personality. 🤟

In sterling silver or with a brass base and a yellow or rose gold plating (1 mcr).

The piece can be made with a braided leather strap or in silver, we also accept suggestions.

The diameter of the piece is 2.5 centimeters. There is a reduced version of 5 centimeters in diameter.

About this piece

On Jupiter, men also wear jewelry. Almost always the birth chart of their children or the stone of their zodiac sign. Here too? ♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️

From the Egyptians to the Mayans, from the Eastern dynasties to the Romans, everyone has looked to the sky to read your past, present and future. The natal chart is the picture of the sky at the moment we are born. In it we see our gifts and the stones that we will find along the way. But free will allows us to decide and change all these designs. "The stars incline but do not force" friends 🌝🪐🌜