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Sophie's in Jupiter

Roman Hoop Earrings

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Handmade earrings from natural ferns.

In sterling silver or 24-carat gold-plated (1 mcr).

As these are natural leaves, the measurements may vary slightly.

About this piece

In Greece, the winners of the Olympic Games were given a crown of olive leaves 🌿.
In Ancient Rome crowns of laurel as a reward to poets, athletes and warriors.
The emperors also wore them, it is said that Julius Caesar did not take them off, not to show power and recognition, but to cover his baldness.
The branches of natural leaves had different uses, but they always enhanced or beautified those who wore them, like our jewelry, which we make with natural leaves and they go well with any look 😎

Be like Julius Caesar and take advantage of any opportunity to show off.
Sophie's for all occasions ✌️