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Sophie's in Jupiter

Seahorse Earcuff

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Handmade earcuff earring.

As it is an earcuff, it is not necessary to have an ear piercing to wear this earring.

It is possible to customize the piece by adding a colored resin.

There are two versions:

  • Unit: A single earcuff.
  • Symmetrical: Two equal earcuffs.

In sterling silver or with a brass base and a yellow or rose gold plating (1 mcr).

Measurements may vary slightly.

  • Height: 5 cm
  • Width: 2 cm

About this piece

I've wanted to make a seahorse earcuff for a long time. For days I searched for ideas to get inspired without finding more than children's drawings.

The seahorses have a deep meaning, they are the ones that pulled the chariot of the god Neptune, representing a great force.
Curiously, it is one of the few animals that They have hardly had any evolution.
The body of the seahorse is designed to wander slowly, which has made it a symbol of patience.
Happy to be who he is, he does not feel the need to change, he transmits joy and lives without haste.

During my vacations (which are inexorably approaching ✌️) I have decided to be a little seahorse, not to demand too much of myself, feed my patience, not be in a hurry and spread joy . I'm starting to feel the sea breeze on my face, it's been a great course guys 🤟