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  • Collar Bambú - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Collar Bambú - Sophie's in Jupiter
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Sophie's in Jupiter

Bamboo Necklace

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Necklace made by hand from bamboo leaves.

With a brass base and a yellow or rose gold plating (1 mcr).

About this piece

Behind one of the stone walls of the Jardín de Bello a tree has been growing for a long time bamboo. I have always liked this tree, for the different green and yellow tones of its leaves and for those strong and flexible branches, impossible to break with your hands.

When a bamboo seed is planted, for the first six years nothing seems to happen. During this time, the plant creates a root system so extensive that, once the first shoot emerges, it can reach up to 30 meters in height in just a few weeks. This is why bamboo is so stable and flexible.

This tree is a great metaphor for the patience, tenacity and hidden work that establishes the foundations of success. Our Bamboo Necklace is the result of applying these values ​​to today's jewelry 🌿