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  • Choker Palatino - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Choker Palatino - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Choker Palatino - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Choker Palatino - Sophie's in Jupiter
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Sophie's in Jupiter

Palatine Choker

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Choker made by hand from natural leaves.

Gold plated (1 mcr).

About this piece

My community manager wrote this to present the Palatine Choker and then told me that he is going on vacation and that he should raise his salary.

Sofía, our goldsmith, is rather crafty, her grandmother used to say that she was very “industrious” and that she had special little hands. She has always had a taste for creative work, crafts or theater, mainly in her comedic side (for more details see her videos). It must be fortuitous that her natal chart has a triple conjunction (Jupiter, Venus and Neptune) in the 5th house, which governs her creative expression in her most obvious way. She alone is enough to motivate herself, she always has a purpose and is determined and talented.

Paula, our model, is made of the material with which dreams are forged. Not coincidentally, those with Venus in the ascendant have a high probability of being attractive, a tendency to take care of their physical appearance, and possess personal charm and good artistic taste. No one would blame her if she were romantic, dramatic, demanding or vain or if she represented eroticism and modern sensuality.

One weaves for a goddess and the other adorns herself from time to time with pure talent.

Both, as you can see, are special.