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  • Alfiler Ginkgo - Sophie's in Jupiter
  • Alfiler Ginkgo - Sophie's in Jupiter
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Sophie's in Jupiter

Ginkgo pin

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Handmade pin from natural Ginkgo leaves from the wishing tree.

In sterling silver or gold plated.

The measurements may vary depending on the sizes.

  • Width: 1.3 cm
  • Height: 1.5 cm

The piece is accompanied by a card that narrates the legend of the wishing tree.

About this piece

In the Parque de la Fuente del Berro there is a specimen of the Ginkgo Biloba tree called the wish-tree. Legend has it that this tree was planted by a Marquis, whose wife was seriously ill, he begged the tree to heal her and soon her wish came true. Since then many people who know the legend come to make their requests.

The Ginkgo Pin, like Our Ginkgo earrings are made from the leaves of this very special specimen and we like to believe that they can help fulfill the dreams and hopes of those who wear them.