Tips for your jewelry: Conservation and cleaning

Gold-plated jewelry


Gold-plated jewelry requires special care so that the bath lasts and does not disappear over time. These tips can help improve the quality and extend the life of your jewelry:

  • Storage: Jewels should be stored individually wrapped in tissue paper, in the box where they were delivered and inside the cloth bag. In this way, oxidation and friction with other parts that can dirty or scratch them are avoided. Rubber containers should never be used to store them, as they will cause the jewelry to darken.
  • Chemical products: It is important to avoid recurring contact with perfumes, creams or chemical products as much as possible.
  • Humidity: Jewelry should never be stored in damp places. For example, the bathroom is not the right place to store jewelry.
  • Temperature: It is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun and high temperatures constantly.
  • Sports: It is essential to remove jewelry before playing sports or bathing. Sweat and water deeply damage the gold layers with which the jewels were made.


If your jewelry has darkened or has lost part of its initial shine, the ideal is to use a few drops of dishwashing liquid dissolved in a small container of warm water and rub gently, very gently with a toothbrush. Later you have to rinse them and make sure they dry properly with a cloth.

Silver jewelry

The conservation and cleaning process is similar to that of gold-plated pieces. Silver jewelry can darken more easily, removing the dirt with a cloth will restore the shine to the piece.

In the order

A box, tissue paper and a cloth bag are always included with Sophie's in Jupiter orders to help you keep your pieces in optimal condition.

In silver orders an additional wipe is included so you can clean the silver.