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Brazil Amethyst


Our amethysts are stones from Brazil.


Amethyst is known as the stone of the soul. It is associated with the signs of Pisces, Taurus and Sagittarius.

In ancient Egypt, the use of this stone was essential in jewelry. Among the archaeological treasures found, jewels embedded with this mineral were found that adorned the tombs of the pharaohs.

The emperors of ancient China used this stone in the form of bracelets as a symbol of protection.

Zodiac Stone Bracelet


  • It represents tranquility, peace and serenity and pushes us to free ourselves from anger and frustrations.
  • It brings out the positive side of our lives and helps calm the mind when it is overloaded by work, stress and uncertainty about the future.
  • It is used to relieve headaches or migraines, to treat respiratory, lung or skin problems and to improve insomnia.
  • It's perfect for meditation, as it helps take your thoughts away from the mundane.
  • Provides common sense, enhances memory and motivation, and focuses emotionally.
  • Improves harmony in the family and helps in situations of loss of a family member, promoting inner peace.

In the jewelry at Sophie's in Jupiter

The amethyst is powerful and protective, it helps us to overcome any blockage and obstacle in an optimistic way and is considered a powerful amulet of protection on trips.

At Sophie's in Jupiter we have created a leather bracelet set with an amethyst to enhance your inner peace and serenity.