El árbol de los deseos - Sophie's in Jupiter

The wishing tree

The first Ginkgo earrings that I made, I made them with leaves from a tree in the Retiro Park. One Christmas I went to collect more leaves and found that they had all been removed from the ground and I had run out of raw material, so I looked for an alternative and found that there was a protected centenary Ginkgo very close by. This Ginkgo was in the Parque de la Fuente del Berro.

Wishing Ginkgo Leaves

When I went to collect leaves to make the earrings, I found a Reiki master who was making requests to the tree. He was the one who told me the story of the wishing tree and while he told it, I noticed that from time to time other people approached and seemed to converse with the tree. Since then, he has made the Ginkgo earrings with leaves of this very special specimen, we like to believe that it can help fulfill the dreams and hopes of those who wear them.

Legend of the wishing tree

Many years ago, the Parque de la Fuente del Berro belonged to a Marquis who owned many goods and belongings. However, the only thing that mattered to him was being able to cure his wife who suffered from a serious illness. Despite the treatments and doctor's visits, she did not improve. The Marquis languished in despair when he heard about a species of tree that was considered a living fossil, the Ginkgo Biloba, a very special tree, the only survivor of his species, dating back 275 million years. Its leaves and seeds were used in traditional Chinese medicine to heal various conditions and it was a sacred tree in the Buddhist tradition.

Wishing Ginkgo

He planted the tree in the park and begged it to cure his wife, shortly after, miraculously she began to improve and recovered completely. Since then, this Ginkgo has been known as the wishing tree and the popular belief is that what is asked of it, one way or another, will be granted.

This specimen continues today in the Parque de la Fuente del Berro and is probably the most spectacular tree in the area. It has a cordoned off space around it and when autumn arrives and its leaves fall, they are not collected, like the rest of the trees in the park, they remain at the foot of the tree leaving a hypnotic yellow blanket.

Wishing Ginkgo Leaf Cloak