Turquesa del Tibet - Sophie's in Jupiter

Turquoise from Tibet


Origin of Turquoise from Tibet

Turquoise is a stone native to Tibet.


This stone is related to the sign of Aquarius.

It is considered a sacred stone by many tribes around the world. Buddhists believe that each turquoise is a piece of sky that has fallen to Earth. The Arabs and Turks considered it to be good luck. It is said that Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gama wore turquoise on their travels to help them succeed in their endeavors.

Brazalete Egipcio con Turquesa del Tibet

Properties of Tibetan Turquoise

  • It helps communication and feeling relaxed when speaking in public.
  • Stimulates harmony as a couple and attracts new friends.
  • Helps maintain emotional balance.

The Turquoise of Tibet in the jewelry of Sophie's in Jupiter

At Sophie's in Jupiter we have designed an Egyptian style bracelet set with a Tibetan turquoise that we think you will love.

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