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Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan


Origin of Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan

Lapis lazuli is a stone native to Afghanistan.


It is associated with the signs of Pisces, Libra and Sagittarius.

The Egyptian pharaohs wore jewelry with this stone, as it was a symbol of royalty and power, as well as a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Traditionally it has also been associated with protection against the evil eye.

Lapislázuli de Afganistán - Sophie's in Jupiter

Properties of Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan

Since ancient times it has been equally appreciated as diamonds and became famous for its exotic blue color. Its name comes from Latin and Persian, where lapis means stone and lazhuward means blue.

  • Create depth and clarity in your thinking and communications.
  • Its energy can stimulate instinct and ingenuity, freeing the imagination.
  • It is known as the crystal of truth, as it ensures that the words you say are sincere.
  • It has a great capacity to bring us serenity and enable us to fulfill ourselves on a spiritual level.
  • It provides the energy you need in your daily life and helps you reduce the presence of negative energies or vibrations in your environment.
  • Its healing properties eliminate headaches and migraines.

Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan in Sophie's in Jupiter jewelry

At Sophie's in Jupiter we have designed a double strand ring with a lapis lazuli set to protect you and provide the energy you need daily.

Anillo con lapislázuli de Afganistán
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