El Jardín de Bello - Sophie's in Jupiter

The Garden of Bello


Bello's garden is my father's garden.

It was his favorite place in this world.

A garden full of plants, flowers and trees of all colors that change season after season.

A place that transmits peace and where only the 10,000 species of insects that live there can bother us at certain times.

My father dedicated thousands of hours to creating and caring for this garden.

Camino de pizarra del jardín de Bello

His passion for so many years inspired me and I began to make a collection with trees and plants from this place.

From the leaves of a Cordoba olive tree or a wild fern that grows on its stone walls, I have made the first pieces of this series , full of meaning and history.

This is my particular tribute.

I love you, Daddy.

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