Piedra concha Ojo de Santa Lucía - Sophie's in Jupiter

Shell stone Eye of Saint Lucia


Origin of the St. Lucia Eye Shell Stone

The Santa Lucía Eye shell stone is produced by several species of small shellfish.

Properties of the Eye of Saint Lucia Shell Stone

This shell stone has many properties, both physically and mentally.

  • It brings protection and joy to the wearer and provides self-confidence.
  • It keeps the evil eye away and is considered a lucky charm.
  • It also helps attract money and promote prosperity.
  • On a physical level, it is recommended to wear it in case of eye problems or sore throat.
Colgante Ojo de Santa Lucía - Sophie's in Jupiter

The Eye of Saint Lucia shell stone in Sophie's in Jupiter jewelry

The lucky beans are small shells with a snail pattern that were always found on the shore of the beaches of Cádiz. Every summer our founder picked them with her grandmother to have a reserve of luck that would last me the rest of the year.

Now it is difficult to find them on the beach , that is why we have created this Eye of Saint Lucía pendant that remembers the profile of those beans with the Eye of Saint Lucía stone.

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