M y V se casan - Sophie's in Jupiter

M y V are getting married


M and V get married and this is the story that their alliances keep.

A few months ago V wrote to me, he needed an engagement ring for M. I thought it had to be something that represented them and I started creating different designs. 

Until I finally found it and the engagement ring also became a wedding ring so that the two of them could always carry a little piece of their history with them.

M is the pointed thread, firm and straight, which breaks drawing triangles. It has vertices and edges that tell us about its personality.

V is the round, seemingly fragile thread that intertwines lightly. Its waves form curvilinear "V"s and its movement softens the whole.

The two threads have been intertwined, symbolizing their union and synthesizing two perspectives on life. Two personalities and two different ways of being that coexist in harmony and that, in the same way that the threads of this piece converge, make the whole sustainable and resistant.

This is the metaphor of his love transmuted to metal.

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