El colgante de El Alcornoque Centenario - Sophie's in Jupiter

The Centennial Cork Oak pendant


A few weeks ago a person contacted me who had in mind a piece of jewelry that he would like to give as a gift.

It was a pendant from a centennial cork oak, located on a farm with a great history behind it.

Árbol Alcornoque - Sophie's in Jupiter

Everything comes from a woman who has several daughters and one of them inherits a part of the family farm where this tree was located which meant many things to her and which she enjoyed being around.

She fell ill and knowing that the time for her to leave was approaching, she wanted her ashes to rest at the foot of this copy, where her daughter has now chosen to marry. 

Árbol Alcornoque - Sophie's in Jupiter

Her cousins ​​wanted to give her a gold pendant for her wedding with the design of this tree that represents one of the most meaningful places in her life. 

This is its story and this is the text we have written to accompany this gem.

Colgante Árbol Alcornoque - Sophie's in Jupiter

"They say that trees speak to us even though we are not able to understand them. Sometimes they cry and sometimes they sing, depending on the rustle of their leaves when the wind blows.

If we could understand the language of this tree, it would tell us long stories of a family, generation after generation. He has been his meeting place, a witness to many lives that he has inspired, protected and sheltered.

"His presence has always been a company that has been felt close to us and now it is stronger than ever."

Colgante Árbol Alcornoque - Sophie's in Jupiter

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